Transform Your Child's Future. Use the Autism Apraxia Toolkit to Teach Them How To Talk

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This program is ideal for parents who want to help their Autistic child to talk 

In just 18 months Brendan overcame the speech difficulties caused by his Apraxia. The ability to talk transformed Brendan and his family's lives. 

  • You have an Autistic child is desperate to talk
  • You want to learn the tools and techniques to help
  • You want to provide your child with the best opportunities for communication
  • You'd like to understand more about Autism & Apraxia and how to help


Inside this course you will find all the tools you need to support your child's interaction, increase their communication potential and get them talking. 


Learn the perfect framework for interaction to develop.


Develop speech using all of the senses.


Create the means, reasons and opportunities daily.


Support in other ways, to complete your toolkit.

Learn From the Comfort of your Home 


“I love the new documentary. Your resources are so helpful and HOPEful too, which is something we autism parents rarely get from professionals"  
Ann Sloan - USA
Parent & Physician

“Her insight into ASD and CAS is helpful, enlightening and gives us hope that being verbal is not unattainable”

May Ng - UK
Paediatrician & Mother

About your Presenter,
Karen Massey

Karen is an award-winning child Speech Therapist with over 15 years' experience. She is a published author and has spoken internationally for events such as the US Autism Parenting Summit, as well as Early Years TV.   

Karen is passionate about helping children to find their own voices and has had success supporting many children who came to her as preverbal or minimally verbal. Karen's unique approach allows children to develop their wider interaction and communication skills at the same time as focusing straight away on speech production.

Karen's toolkit includes a range of established therapy techniques which are applied in response to children's own desires to get talking. The results are amazing and stretch way beyond speech production.   

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